Taking back control over academic publishing

Denis Bourguet, Thomas Guillemaud & Benoit Facon Institut national de la recherche agronomique
To break the monopoly of expensive paid journals, we should make use of free journals and free platforms of editorial boards evaluating preprint articles.
25 June 2019

A Gaming Revolution for International Development

Mariam Adil World Bank Group
There are more than one billion people living under $1.25 a day and almost the same number playing at least one hour of video games worldwide. So, how can the popularity of games be harnessed for positive social change?
21 March 2017

The Digital Revolution: Why do you Google?

Andreas Ekström Sydsvenskan
While we seem to be enchanted by the idea, there really is no such thing as an unbiased search result.
14 May 2016

Imagine a future dominated by brain emulation robots

Robin Hanson George Mason University
History took us from the age of foraging to the age of farming, will brain emulation technology now take us from the industrial era to the age of the "em" economy?
22 June 2015

Mobile Health: Patient, heal thyself

Kit Huckvale Imperial College London
As mobile health technologies become prevalent there is a need to make sure they are effective and safe, but also to understand the implications for individuals and communities.
1 June 2014

From London to the Arctic

Charlene Jennett, Anna L. Cox, Diana Mastracci & Cindy Regalado University College London
Technology can play a role in helping people to collaborate – and increasingly participate – in research experiements previously inaccessible to the non-expert.
1 June 2014

How Much Surveillance Can Democracy Withstand?

Richard Stallman Free Software Foundation
We need to reduce the level of general surveillance, but how far? Where exactly is the maximum tolerable level of surveillance, which we must ensure is not exceeded?
1 June 2014

Preventing State Conflict in Cyberspace

Clement Guitton King's College London
Can a normative solution to state-sponsored cyber attacks bring peace to cyberspace?
1 October 2012
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